Graduation Dinner

May 7, 2021

Graduation Menu:

May 7th & May 8th,  2021

A glass of Champagne for a welcome toast to all candidate to wishing the best of luck 🥂


Un Petalo di margherita

A taste of our wonderful Margherita Pizza Napoletana

Coquille saint jaques a la Provencal:

Fresh sea Scallops with wild herbs Malvasia and Bottarga baked on wood-fired oven

Burrata limone e arugula

Buffalo Burrata
with parmigiano reggiano flakes, arugula lemon and truffle.


Choice of one entree;

Gnocchetti al caciocavallo podolico

Potato dumpling (gnocchi) with Caciocavallo Podolico porcini mushrooms and truffle.

Ravioli all’ Aragosta

Fagottini of fresh pasta stuffed with lobster in a delicate white cream sauce with shallots and truffles

Timballo di Rigatoni al forno a Legna

Rigatoni Gerardo Di Nola on Neapolitan ragu San Marzano sauce with meatballs of beef fillet, ricotta and mozzarella,
Parmigiano reggiano fresh basil baked on wood-fired oven.

Dolci: Dessert

Tortino al Cioccolato.
Lava cake of Chocolate

The price is 65 dollars

Thank you for choosing Naples15 best wishes from all of us! Congratulations!