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The Way the Music Goes, That's the Way We Dance

NAPLES 15 Welcomes You

Benvenuti a Napoli! Full Restaurant Dining, Outdoor Dining and Bar Seating Available!

Naples 15 offers Gluten Free Pasta Options

Gerado Di Nola pasta is a gluten free artisan pasta made by my dear friend Giovanni Assante, Maccaronaro in Gragnano.

Host Your Next Event at Naples 15 with our large outdoor tent

Naples 15 has a large outdoor tent for large group gatherings. Contact Us for more information

Rated as one of the 15 best restaurants in Madison, WI

Naples 15 honored at Procida 2022

Mosaico per Procida” (literally: Mosaic for Procida”) is a collaborative cultural project which involves numerous actors aimed at producing a celebratory label for the 2022 capital of European culture: the wonderful island of Procida in Campania region, Southern Italy. An idea born from the meeting between the notorious winemaker Roberto Cipresso and the journalist editor-in-chief of Mediterranea Online Gaetano Cataldo for the creation of a wine that is unique under any point of view. About 25 wineries, distributed throughout the Campania region, Southern Italy, will bring their wines together in the blend that will give life to a grand cuvée for a total of about 6000 bottles.”


Tastemaker: Naples 15

Madison Magazine’s Andrea Behling takes us to Naples 15 restaurant in Madison. Click to View

Former Badgers teamed up with the Italian restaurant Naples 15 to help cook dinner for the Ronald McDonald House

Naples 15 Featured on Fox Big Noon Kickoff

To everyone who has been, will, or is currently visiting us at Naples 15, Thank you not only for what you do, but for making us feel that loving what we do is worth doing!

What an Honor to be Recognized Internationally:

La Pizza di Chef Salvatore Di Scala conquista gli States

I thank all the editorial staff of the IL DISPARI newspaper; in particular Mr. Gaetano Di Meglio for this wonderful article on the  AVPN American Tour event.

Viva The Neapolitan pizza, Viva Napoli and the wonderful Ischia Island !


“Follow what you Love and you will end up Loving what you find!”-Carlo Collodi

Here are some of our favorite moments!



It is with Great Honor that we shared the unique flavors and the passion of true Neapolitan cuisine with Restaurant Zi Teresa Chef and Owner, Carmela Abbate  in Naples, Italy!


This is your gateway to Southern Italy and the heart of true Neapolitan cuisine.  It has always been a dream of mine to bring The Heart of Naples to Madison & share the experience of my travels through traditional Neapolitan cuisine and enchanting Neapolitan culture.  My restaurant is dedicated to my family, my friends, my home city of Naples, and my home away from home – Madison.

Buon appetito e Grazie,
– Chef Salvatore Di Scala

Call for Reservations

Naples 15 hosts parties of all sizes.
Call (608) 250-6330 today to make a reservation.


Paccheri di Gragnano ai Tesori del Mare

The Treasure of the Sea. Featuring a full lobster tail, scallops, prawns, clams, cherry tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil.

Sea Salt crusted Red Snapper

 Red Snapper encrusted in a Sea Salt baked in the wood oven encapsulating the beautiful flavor of the Mediterranean Sea

La Pizza dedicata al Antonio Benedetto “The Good Life”

Tony Bennett & Salvatore share a toast of wine

The favorite of Tony Bennet. Pizza Marinara made with San Marzano Tomato, Garlic, Oregano,Olive oil

O”spaghettone Gerardo Di Nola alle Vongole fujute

The Escaped Clams pasta! Spaghetti Sautéed with Pomodori tomatoes, olive oil, featuring a linguini from Gerardo Di Nola.

Coquilles san Jacques w/ Caviar and Black Truffle

Scallops sautéed in olive oil, an aromatic herb blend, garlic, lemon juice, and malvasia. Topped with D’Artagnan Beluga Fish Caviar and Black Truffle served with a delicate Papardelle pasta.


Paccheri all Caprese

Paccheri Gerardo Di Nola with a creamy buffalo ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, basil and Mount Vesuvius cherry tomatoes topped with a delicate extra virgin olive oil.


Flaky pastry stuffed with orange ricotta that tastes like home. Dinner is not complete without this Italian delicacy.

Aragosta alla Ischitana

Enjoy a fresh succulent lobster at Naples 15! All of our Lobsters are Cold Water lobster, cooked the way you like with you choice of Gerardo Di Nola pasta!

Seppie alla Malvasia con Pomodorini del Vesuvio

Cuddlefish wood fire baked with EVO and Parmigianno Reggiano, then stewed in a masterful Pomodorini tomato based stew, served with parpadelle pasta.

Paccheri al re di Napoli al Ragu Napoletano

Paccheri served with a slow cooked, two meat ragu sauce. Nicknamed ragu guardaporta after the doorman who would supposedly have nothing better to do than watch the slow cooking sauce, this Neapolitan recipe from the 1800’s is made with pork, beef, San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh basil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and extra virgin olive oil and Gerardo Di Nola Paccheri pasta.

La Tarte Bordaloue

In 1890 tarte bourdaloue (French pear tart) was created.
The celebrated patissier Coquelin bought La Patisserie Bourdaloue (which is still up and baking on the rue Bourdaloue, Paris 9 th arrondissement) in 1909, and created, among other things, this famous pear tart.


‘O Cazone…The Neapolitan stuff pizza with Ricotta e mozzarella, San Mazano tomato , Parmigiano-Reggiano,basil ,extra virgin of olive — at Naples 15.

Bistec di Chianina Florentina

The most signature steak in Italy, this Bistec A La Florentina is herb crusted, baked to savory perfection alongside our wood oven. Try it for yourself, this steak is cooked exactly the way you like it!

Naples 15's Caffé & Pizza Sospeso

“Suspended” Coffee & Pizza:

Salvatore with PizzaIn Naples once upon a time there was a beautiful habit. When a person was happy for some reason and wanted a coffee, instead of paying for one they paid for two. One they drank and the other was reserved for someone worse off who couldn’t afford it. In other words this was a coffee offered to humanity.

Here at Naples 15 we would like to take the initiative of the caffe sospeso and offer the Pizza Margherita suspended.

Our customers may participate by paying only half price for the second (suspended) pizza as a donation. You can enable those whom are less fortunate to eat a hot meal. This can also be done traditionally with a coffee. As a Neopolitan I grew up with this tradition and I believe it makes the heart feel better when you can do something for someone you don’t know and receive nothing in return.

If you are in need, please come in and ask our wait staff if there are any suspended pizzas available.

Learn more about this popular Neopolitan tradition.  Or please read this excellent book written by acclaimed author and philosopher, Luciano De Crescenzo called; IL Caffe Sospeso.


Learn more about Ischia, Chef Salvatore Di Scala’s hometown!

Ischia and Pocida: The Italian Islands that leave Capri in the Shade

We are proud to share where our high quality Italian products come from. Check out Lioni Foods and Gerardo Di Nola here

UPDATE:  We’ve been getting a lot of awesome press (Internationally!) for running this great program.  Visit the links below and take a look at what the rest of the world thinks.  Grazie!

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