Pizza Suspeso and Madison Jazz Festival Fundraiser

February 13, 2019

Please join us on February 13th for a very special event! We will be hosting a Fundraiser for Madison Jazz Festival with special guest and Madison Native,Dave Stoler!

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We will running a benefit for the Pizza Suspeso Program here at Naples 15, in partnership with Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana!

“Suspended” Coffee & Pizza:

Salvatore with PizzaIn Naples once upon a time there was a beautiful habit. When a person was happy for some reason and wanted a coffee, instead of paying for one they paid for two. One they drank and the other was reserved for someone worse off who couldn’t afford it. In other words this was a coffee offered to humanity.

Here at Naples 15 we would like to take the initiative of the caffe sospeso and offer the Pizza Margherita suspended.

Our customers may participate by paying only half price for the second (suspended) pizza as a donation. You can enable those whom are less fortunate to eat a hot meal. This can also be done traditionally with a coffee. As a Neopolitan I grew up with this tradition and I believe it makes the heart feel better when you can do something for someone you don’t know and receive nothing in return.

If you are in need, please come in and ask our wait staff if there are any suspended pizzas available.

Learn more about this popular Neopolitan tradition.  Or please read this excellent book written by acclaimed author and philosopher, Luciano De Crescenzo called; IL Caffe Sospeso.