A Taste into Naples: Neapolitan Cuisine at its finest

May 23, 2017

This coming Monday, May 22, Naples is hosting an extraordinary event, a gala tasting dinner, showcasing products from four companies with admired and respected histories in Italy and the world.

Pasta from Gragnano and Tomatoes from San Marzano , two areas in the beautiful and extensive Bay of Naples, both produced by the Gerardo di Nola company. The pasta is the creation of the master, Giovanni Assante. Accompanied all by porchetta from the Arricia commune in the Alban Hills Southeast of Rome, a prosciutto di Parma , both produced by Principe. Both mozzarella di bufula and burrata fresh cheeses will be contributed by the Lioni company, and a variety of dairy products from the iconic Italian firm, Parmalat.

These excellent comestibles will be paired with some wines of great distinction and tradition from the Naples area: from the vineyards of the world renown Masterberadino producer; Aglianico Rosso(red), Greco Bianco(white), and from the Cantine Antonio Mazzellla, two vintages from the lovely island of Ischia; Per’e Palummo(red) and Biancolella.

This unique event will take place on Monday, May 22nd from 6:00pm-10:00pm. It will provide a very rich and unforgettable experience! Please join us in celebrating many of the few great things from Naples, Italy!